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Hi, hi.
(I'm not sure what to put here...)

This is Kud.
Well, that's my (unusual, mostly unused) pen name.
I'm mostly known on the internet as Albert I (I here ISN'T one!).
Kras is just another name I'm usually referred as, although rarely.

I've been widely recognized as author of KudKernel for a few mid-range devices.
Interested on anything about Linux kernel, Android, and satellite as DTH platform.

Have been contributing to LyngSat since August 24, 2013.
Part of XDA-Developers Recognized Contributor since mid-April 2017.

You can find me on these platforms:

Also, if you happen to play online games as well, you can find me on:
  • Google Play Games: KudDroid
  • Toram Online: Miyaruko (English server)
  • Alchemia Story: Miyaruko (International server?)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: KudDroid (if only I ever log in xD)
  • Azur Lane (Global): KudDroid (Lexington server)

This was used to be some anone pictures,
but this is empty for now due to copyright concerns;
I'm gonna make a mirror of this site on GitHub soon.